100 Days of Code - Day 001

May 26, 2017

journaling while coding

Day 1 One: May 26, 2017

Today’s Progress: Working on JavaScript: Up and Going

What happenned to you?: Well, a lot of self-doubt, questioning and all the stuff that gets in the way of process! For shame!! So I’ve sucked it up and am back in the game. I had my hand in too many web development pots. I couldn’t focus. Now I’m specifically focusing on Javascript, as well as maintaining my chops with html & css.

Thoughts: It only took three different times to feel at ease with Javascript. In the beginning I felt really intimidated just thinking I’d be working in Js, and now it seems a natural part of web development, the missing link. Front End felt so one-sided, so I like the interaction that Js brings to a site. Trying hard not to get ahead of myself & just get the basic elements.

Link to work: No links today. Just all practice on FreeCodeCamp