100 Days of Code - Day 002

Jun 10, 2017

Discovering Spike.js

Day 2 : June 10, 2017

Today’s Progress: I missed CharmCityJs this past week. Luckily I get twitter notification emails. I always love something new to learn. Tom Kraak, a Baltimore software engineer, was giving a talk on the Spike static site generator. I’ve been looking for a modular approach that’s powered by js than ruby. I understand js more than ruby, so it might be quicker for me to discover and solve problems. Why does Spike interest? Honestly? I loved the name just like I loved Jekyll. Sometimes my shallow reasons turn out to discover a meaty choice. If only I could have been at his talk….

One thing I had to do was update npm & node. First I updated npm:

npm -v (to see which version you have)

npm install npm@latest -g (installs the latest npm update)

npm -v (ensures your install was a success)

To update Node, you’ll need npm’s handy n module. Run this code to clear npm’s cache, install n, and install the latest stable version of Node:

sudo npm cache clean -f

sudo npm install -g n

sudo n stable

After your node is up to date, then go ahead and install spike.

npm install spike -g

Cd into the directory you’ll be working in.

spike new </code>

Once that’s loaded, make sure your terminal is in the working folder.

spike watch

This is great because it does a live reload and will show up in your browser via browsersync!

Thoughts: Thanks @tkraak and @charmcityjs!

Helpful Links: Spike, Spike on Github, Spike YouTube presentation