100 Days of Code - Day 003

Jun 11, 2017

Frustration with Spike.js

Day 003 : June 11, 2017

Today’s Progress: I spent today mostly how to set up code-yhblock in my Jekyll powered blog which uses Kramdown. It was pretty frustrating trying that out. Many many attempts later the basic “>” worked. My code is centered instead of left aligned. That’s my next blog challenge. I’m hoping that I like Spike enough to switch my site & blog to that instead of Jekyll. As I am learning more Javascript, I’d rather being practicing that instead of using rusty ruby skills.

After some frustrating time, I went to work on Spike. I love the live reloading that’s built into Spike. It saves me time, keeps things clean and simple since it’s already embedded in Spike.

Thoughts: Nothing like reading the dox to whatever you are using. Thanks to kramdown syntax

Link to work: Code and a Cup blog