100 Days of Code - Day 004, 005 and 006

Jun 16, 2017

Moving On and Laying Down Roots

Day 004-6 : June 14-16, 2017

The Last Few Day’s Progress: I really have had a rough time with Spike. There isn’t much documentation yet, so I regressed to using Roots. Roots is what came before Spike. Both are products from Carrot. It relies on Jade, Stylus & Coffee script. I’m comfortable using Jade. The problem with Spike and Roots was that not all Node Modules were downloaded with the program. I went back & put each in first globally and then directly in the file I was working on. Everything came together after that. That took the last few days of trial and error. Lots of error if I may be honest.

Thoughts: I stuck with Roots since there was more documentation for me to follow. More than likely I will move on to Spike with the next site. For today, I’ve spent my time creating Jade/html. Tomorrow will begin for styling process. I can’t hold onto Roots because it has an expiration date. Roots is being used more for experience and it should make my next experience with Spike more palatable.

Link to what I’m using: Roots