Floating in the Clouds

Jul 11, 2016

Open spaces give time to reflect

I was floating in the pool Sunday evening, bouyant by a faded red styrofoam noodle. I kept asking myself “what should I talk about this week?” I watched birds perch on lampposts, clouds decorate a blue sky and heard nearby traffic. And I kept floating and thinking. Unfortunately there was nothing spectacular that came to mind. As I am sitting here writing, still nothing. So instead I’ll fill you in on what podcasts I’ve been listening to. I been listening to some pretty spectacular stuff.

I’ve really been enjoying (binge-listening) to Does Not Compute from Spec.fm. Does Not Compute features two web developers, Paul Straw & Sean Washington, sharing workflows. There’s a lot of practical advice packed in their podcasts as well as some technical tidbits.

On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve been slowly devouring Design Details, also from Spec FM. Bryn Jackson & Bryan Lovin interview people who design products/tools we love to use. Episode 145 featured Chris Downer, from one of my faves, Sketch. Hey now!

I had better include the lovely podcast, Jonathan Cutrell’s Developer Tea. Here’s where you get some good sound advice from one of the most soothing voices in the community. It was here that I learned that he was on Spec.fm and that there were other podcasts available from the network.

I’ve been feeling pretty overloaded these days. I work a full-time job in accounting. It’s been a good lesson in that to use accounting, you must pay attention to detail. This wasn’t one of my gifts, it’s something I’ve had to learn. I think this has benefitted me in learning JavaScript. I finally had the “click” when it all made sense a few weeks ago. What I love so much about coding and programming is reaching the solution, but it does not come easy to me. And that’s why I love it. Like a good crossword puzzle, it’s the same feeling I have when I’m solving problems in Javascript.

I’ve also (slowly) been developing a website using Jekyll with Gulp. Gulp has been auto-prefixing, compiling my Sass. I’m using Bourbon and Neat. I will include JavaScript, but right now, it’s been in HTML (via Emmet) and CSS (via Sass). I’ve built the fixed side navigation & I’m experimenting with the patchwork style in the main frame. It’s a fully responsive site & includes some animation. Each site teaches me a few more tricks. In fact I went back to my site to use some of the code & OMG, I’m so embarrassed by some of the code I wrote. On an episode of “Does Not Compute,” one of the speakers said that it’s important to feel that way. It shows you how far you’ve grown in coding. The minute it looks the same, it means you haven’t grown. So if any of you pull up my source code from this site, I’ve come a long way since a year ago! <>